political ranting

Man was born free, and everywhere he is in chains.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
T. S. Eliot, "The Hollow Men"

"I regret that I have but one life to give for my country."
-- Nathan Hale

"I am both a liberal and a patriot. The two are not opposites!
When our aversion to the right-wing faction turns into distaste
for our own country, we have given up."
-- Laura Ford, 'Utne Reader'

The neo-con Schavioites (the group that has highjacked the republican party) are destroying our precious country. The true American Patriots are those progressives and revolutionaries -- and moderate republicans -- that will stand up and fight this to the death.

These folks deserve support: Air America radio (especially Mike Malloy out of good ol' Atlanta G A), moveon.org, the ACLU, your local democratic party, George Lackoff, dailykos.org, salon.org, Harper's magazine, and alternate news sources to corporate media, among others.

Note, this is completely an issue of strict partisanship and keeping all the folks with an (R) after their name in line. As a republican (of any stripe), you cannot disagree on an issue without expending significant political capital. This supposed "big tent" of republicans cannot break ranks on even a single vote lightly. This means their are no terms of the debate.

For example. I support gun rights (being raised a Southerner and all), but can't work within the bounds of the NRA because it is not a single-issue PAC. Instead, it's "you're with me, or you're against me" -- on the whole neocon agenda. Embattled scumbag Tom Delay was their featured speaker! Well, I like the bill of rights, all ten ammendments, but I sure don't agree with the rest of the agenda. So I guess that makes me squarely against them. Their call, not mine. (Though I still am willing to note I am ranked by them as a marksman, first class -- little medal and all -- whether they like me or not.)

Implicit Coalitions
What these people have done is create a coalition government (in a two-party system, the winning party is by definition a coalition in that it is always a majority, rather than a plurality), while somehow convincing their fellow winners to give up all their power. The stupidity of the situation is simply astonishing. Moreover, this tiny empowered group has a truly evil goal... to starve our government to death as a form of power consolidation. For example, by removing three billion dollars from Social Security with no plans of ever paying it back.
18 Apr 2005: International Monetary fund managing director Rodrigo Rato warned: "the global financial system was now out of kilter because of the huge US current account deficit, weak growth in Europe and Japan, the low savings rate of US consumers, and inflexible currency regimes in Asia. ... If policies do not adapt, do not change to react to these imbalances, we run the risk of an abrupt correction of the markets."
What they don't get is that when our grandchildren default on our debts, the country will start tettering toward being a banana republic, and their rich grandchildren and then unprotected global corporations will go down too.

For the Bush administration to get its way, all watchdogs must be neutered.

Step one: destroy independent media.

The White House practices bizarrely un-American activities such as paying funds to commentators. (Williams, Gallagher) and producing "prepackaged" news stories. This is plainly, simply propoganda. Oh yea, and always nice that he lied about it too, natch. (Bush: "we didn't know about this in the white house." Reality: one of his 'special advisors' personally handled it.)

Step two: that which you can't destroy, ignore. Bush personally admitted he will not take the "fourth estate" even a tiny bit seriously:
Reporter asks Bush: it really true you don't read us, don't even watch the news? Bush confirms it. Well, how do you then know, Mr. President, what the public is thinking? Bush says: You're making a powerful assumption, young man. You're assuming that you represent the public. I don't accept that.
And he goes on to elevate his ignorace as a "doctrine" that we can expect all politicans from now on to consider following. I'd tell you to look it up, but, you'll puke. Don't bother if you don't want to bore everyone with the facts.

No wonder he doesn't bother with legitimate press conferences, and stocks those few he bothers to have -- a shockingly paucity of 4 a year -- with a fake reporter in what the UK guardian calls a "clandestine propaganda campaign."

Yes, of course the dems get it wrong sometimes too!
The Waco Branch Davidians were massacred on 19 April 1993.


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